002: 50MHz “sky door” antenna

 「sky door」はJA1HWOの設計による1波長のループアンテナである。私はこれをJF1RNRのブログで知り、2010年に製作した。大変シンプルで軽量であるため、移動先に到着した後の設営がとてもスピーディにできるのが特徴で、全長5~6m程度のグラスファイバー釣竿を使うなら数分でセットすることができる。

"Sky door" is a loop antenna of one wavelength that JA1HWO designed. I knew it by the blog of JF1RNR, and made it soon in 2010. Because it is very simple and light weight, I can assemble the antenna system very speedily after arrival at the moving destination. If you use the fiberglass fishing rod of about 5-6m length, it will be possible to set it in only a few minutes.

It is the horizontal polarized antenna with the gain of 2-3dB over dipole, and suitable for the ground wave communication from mountain and field. I made QSOs from mountains in Nagano with Yamaguchi, Hiroshima, Miyagi, etc. with the output of 500mW or less. And I have received the signal of Ishikawa and Toyama at the top of Mt. Orizume in the Iwate Prefecture north. I would like seeing the site of JA1HWO.



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