001: 50MHz Tripod antenna (JA1FG design)


This antenna was published in the JA CQ magazine in around 1970. It was suitable for portable practical use. The author of the article is JA1FG/Mr. Kajii, former JARL chairman (silent key).

The impedance will rise once to 200 Ω from 50 Ω by a transformer (1:4). And then the L-N/W will do the impedance matching down to the radiator element well. Therefore a rod antenna of 1.1-1.5m length is practically easy to match, and you just need only to turn a variable condenser. The wire added to the cold end (L=75cm) is seen at the foot of the tripod. SWR is always seemed to be stable by doing it this way. This antenna was made in 2007.



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