004: 144 to 1296MHz transverter (OE9PMJ board)

Pout =8W Pin +20dBm NF 3.8dB RX conversion gain 20dB DC13.5V

The K2UYH newsletter let me know that a compact transverter kit for 1296MHz was for sale by OE9PMJ/Peter, and I ordered it immediately. Assembly was easy. However in the actual operation, oscillation awfully appeared in the straight amplifier not to work properly. In addition, because GaAs FET and the bipolar transistor had been broken while adjusting it, I had to review the device and the circuit constant. I changed the driver from BFR96 into 2SC2367. And, it began to work properly as a straight amplifier after I suppressed the collector current to 20mA or less. Because the output was QRPP 200mW, the stage of M57762 was added and the output of 10W was obtained. The spurious suppression in the transmission signal was insufficient, so the Inter digital type of BPF addition was indispensable.
(making was in 1985)
Pout =8W Pin +20dBm NF 3.8dB RX conversion gain 20dB DC13.5V





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