001: 50MHz SSB/CW 0.3W transceiver (JA1TUR design)

 30年後の2008年にまずVXOを改良したあと、CW Keying回路と3段増幅のパワーアンプ(50dB)、Sメータなどを付加してケースに組み込み直し、ようやく安定した実用的セットになった。
 このQRPPトランシーバでも山岳ポータブル運用による200~400kmの地表波交信を十分エンジョイできた。50.165 to 50.255MHz, 12V 160mA max,Po=300mW(+25dBm) , NF4dB, @415g

50MHz unit of "430MHzSSB transceiver (JA1TUR)" introduced in "Amateur's V・UHF technology" published in 1977 in Japan was composed of an interactive FET mixer, VXO, LM373, and LM380 etc., and was very compact.

I added an two stage power amplifier (40dB gain) to this unit and made a finished set as a portable QRPP 6m transceiver in 1978. However, the problem lacked a lot of practicalities.

After I made some improvement on the VXO stability, I assembled it again adding 3stage power amplifier (50dB),S-meter and CW keying circuit in 2008 after 30 years.

It became a practicable set. It afforded the enjoyment of portable operation from the mountain top and the ground wave QSO’s of 200-400km. 50.165 to 50.255MHz, 12V 160mA max, Po=300mW (+25dBm) , NF=4dB, @415g





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