010: VXO unit for 50MHz AM transmitter

Additional VXO unit for 50MHz AM transmitter, 50.500-50.600MHz, -3dBm output

This is an external VFO for 50MHz AM operation. A simple VXO is consisted with a 2N2369A and fundamental 16.88MHz crystal, and the tripled signal (50.6MHz -3dBm) is taken out to drive my home brew transceiver adequately. A couple of SONY 1T33 diode is used in series as the variable capacitor, and it works very FB. The frequency stability is good enough for AM QSO, and the output spectrum is relatively good. Unnecessary spurious of overall TX output is completely suppressed and not found in the dynamic range of the spectrum analyzer. This VFO is covering frequency range of 100KHz which is mainly used for AM QSO in Japan (from 50.500 to 50.600MHz). It was made in early summer of 2018.





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