005: 28MHz wide band power meter (log amplifier)


After my NF meter (PANFI) began to operate in my shack, I felt some necessity of improvement in the input level management. AGC of the PANFI begins to work by -52dBm. As there is more than 30 dB of dynamic range, so I'm not completely in trouble about measurement of usual amplifier. But I come to want IF signal level meter for correct level grasp. For example, a low noise preamplifier for EME where the gain is more than 40dB matches to the needs of wide band power meter. At the time, there was an offer thankful for 30MHz log amplifier from Mr. Yabana /JA0BZC. The unit is ICL30H10BA of RHG. When it was tested right away, I found out that it works very best on 28.5MHz extremely. A large DC ammeter was chosen and combined with, and I put it in a case and became a set in order always to use it. The noise floor is -76dBm, and this equipment has an indication error of ±0.5dB at the input range of -74dBm to 0dBm, and is ideal for the converter gain and evaluation of BPF. It also came in handy in measurement of Sun noise and ground noise, and it played an active part greatly. Making was in 1994.




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