003: Frequency counter (TCXO built-in)


A radio counter of the Ado Electronic using M54821P of Mitsubishi was made and used since 1976. And very nice counter kit was put on sale one after another from Shinetsu (Akizuki) since 1982. The 8 digit item with the built-in pre-scaler that I assembled in 1987 was very easy to use. But I wasn't satisfied with the accuracy of the standard oscillator on the PCB. Later, I added a high precision 10MHz oscillator module, and I put it in a case again as the photo shows (2015). As the UHF pre-scaler was installed, it is possible to measure up to 1000MHz. If several Hz of error margin is admitted, TCXO is enough as long as I use it in the room of a general environment.




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