004: 1290MHz 7289/3CX100A5 (strip line)


Because the W2IMU cavity amplifier requests the machine work such as the milling and lathes, it is not cut out for amateur engineering and making. I was interested in triode GG amplifier of the stripline structure that was showed in the design collection book published in the US, and I made it as an experimental set in 1984.

Efficiency was extremely low first. The cause was that there were a lot of losses of the trimmer condenser of the output probe. It was improved drastically after I changed the trimmer into the voltronics product. Still, the maximum output is 40W or less (DC800V on the anode), and the efficiency was about 30%. After all, the efficiency 50% level of the cavity resonance type amplifier of SM6CKU was not able to be obtained.



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